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It is a great utility that allows you to create an executable Pythons script
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Py2exe is an extension developed for Python, created by Thomas Heller and maintained by Jimmy Retzlaff.
Since Python is an interpreted, not compiled language, you must have the Python interpreter installed in order to run Python scripts. This creates a problem when you want to distribute an application made in Python to users that do not have the required interpreter installed on their computers. Therefore, you must create an executable file, so that a user could run Python program. Py2exe extends Python's distribution utilities (Distutils) that are made to distribute Python scripts. By including the interpreter into the file executer the scripts can be turned into executable. Once you have a script you must create a setup file, similar to those in DistUtils. As soon as you run this script an executable file will appear.

Py2exe works with any version of Windows so far, and it is one of the most downloaded extensions for Python. Without doubt, this is a package to have, if you plan distributing your Python scripts to an open market.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick and easy to use
  • Allows .exe files for Python scripts


  • You have to create the setup file
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